“SARSCoV2 was circulating outside of China back in 2019”. Sounds familiar? One of most recent claims of this sort came about three weeks ago from Italy. A joined team of Istituto Nazionale Tumori (Milan), University of Siena, and a company VisMederi Srl re-analyzed blood samples spared from a cancer related project with around 1000 participants. Apolone and co-authors reported that up to 15% of the samples might had contained antibodies to the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2 already by September 2019. Can this be true and if not, how the result emerged? …

Alarming news titles have flooded mainstream media around the world: 29 persons died after anti-Covid19 vaccination in Norway. For the urgent vaccination issue, the number appears too large to be ignored. And intuitively, is it likely that an individual would die within this short term for reasons other than the vaccination?

However, let’s ponder. The total number of vaccinated persons in Norway so far has been 42.000. Is it big compared to the total number of Norwegians over 74 years old? The so called population pyramid for Norway enables a look-up over the distribution. …

Andrey Alexeyenko

Bioinformatician, biostatistician, consultant http://www.evistat.se/ Science For Life Laboratory, Stokholm

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